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If you believe your professional growth has flat lined, obtaining necessary skills in different features of cloud technologies is one step to get your career back on an uphill trajectory. The Stats About Cloud Computing to Make You Stand Out, we’ll discuss in this section.

The overall cloud adoption percentage in the U.K. nowadays holds at 88 percent, with 67 percent of them suspecting to increase their adoption of cloud services over the coming years, according to a new study from the Cloud Industry Forum.

Furthermore, Stats About Cloud Computing to Make You Stand Out the accelerated development has produced a shortage of qualified professionals, pushing companies to spend a premium to hire contractors and permanent staff with in-demand cloud skill sets.

Do not let the cloud pass you by, here are vital skills that are required enabling you to either preserve your current job or land a new position.

Acquire Baseline Knowledge

If you are not familiar with cloud adoption, migration or deployment projects – mastering core concepts and fundamentals is the best way to get started, suggested by CEO of the Cloud Industry Forum Alex Hilton.

Exercising a vendor-agnostic approach or foundations class, or inquiring an adoption/migration roadmap, can assist you in learning how to produce applications, develop infrastructure and handle security.

Such study may increase your knowledge of the business advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Computing, and show you how to manage projects, developing you for a senior-level or management position. Low-cost courses are readily available through simply2cloud. There are plenty of self-paced training labs and online training resources available on its website.

Multi-Vendor Platforms

Depending on your business industry, you need to be proficient with either Microsoft Azure or AWS, says Mike Brown, senior instructor of cloud programs for Firebrand Training. “The interfaces are somewhat different, and they utilize different terminology and scripting tools, but both platforms offer comparable capabilities around flexible computing, storage, and networking.”

The knowledge you acquire via one platform, in other words, appeals to the other. “It’s not a big step to move from one to the other,” he exclaimed, “and having multi-vendor capabilities will make you more marketable.” Here’s a services comparison of the two platforms.

If you are going to spend on certifications, the ones available for AWS are more feasible to have a quick impact on your salary. Since August, the wages for tech pros with AWS abilities have increased by 58 percent over the previous year; having in-demand cloud certifications can make contractors £300 more per day.

Security Fundamentals

Because organizations are very concerned about the privacy and security of their data saved on remote servers, finishing a course in security fundamentals and concepts may enhance your value and help you stand out from your co-workers.

Overall, you must have a firm understanding of security controls and vulnerabilities, disaster recovery, backups and each party’s responsibilities for digital and physical security as specified in SLAs and contracts. Which points us to another skill set that may raise your earnings and better your CV – vendor management skills.

Vendor Management Skills

While day-to-day monitoring of third-party and outsourced vendors and contract negotiations are must-have qualities for admins, vendor managers, and security gurus as well as network architects and admins in some firms, knowing risk mitigation procedures can strengthen the careers of anyone who “touches” cloud computing, including virtualization, DBAs, application developers, and even specialists.

The Right Mentality

What is Cloud mentality specifically? From a professional standpoint, it indicates adopting a different approach to the way you do your job and combining complementary skills that enable the shift to this new paradigm.

Example for Stats About Cloud Computing to Make You Stand Out:

if you’re a network engineer, understanding critical coding skills is becoming significant, if you haven’t already, grow your existing abilities by practicing scripts to automate your regular chores. Execute a Develops method, and be willing to walk developers through the steps of starting a cloud application.

Developers are required to address their job with an operational mindset and have an understanding of the infrastructure and deployment process. “The cloud isn’t going away, and roles are changing,” Brown stated. “Right now, you can master new skills and get ahead of the changes. But ultimately, Stats About Cloud Computing to Make You Stand Out is to tech pros who stay grounded in their old ways may not have employment security.”

All the best and happy learning!