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Each of the deliveries of computing services, such as software servers, networking, database, storage and analytics are fulfilled through the internet. These are some Advantages of Cloud Computing.

Earlier, for accessing certain files or for running a program, a user was required to access the internet. With passage of time, the users were networked together. They were then in a position to share information and files based upon demand. This attributed the rise of cloud computing as an idea.

Origin of Cloud Computing technology in Delhi

The term cloud computing rose to prominence in 1999 delivered a cloud computing solution by one single website.

The gold standard of cloud computing was bought into action by Under the name of AWS or Amazon Web Services, they offered services such as artificial intelligence, storage and computation.


In 2009, Google’s cloud computing enterprise application known as G suite was launched.

Advantages of Cloud Computing in current world

Cloud computing is a new business model, and a way of using computers in education, aeronautics, business, communications and military. It comes across as a new way to boost profits and productivity.

Cloud computing also makes a significant part of IT that works towards helping meet the targets of business automation. It nowadays comes across as an important force in economic development of a nation.


A few of the top Advantages of Cloud Computing are for creating new apps and services. It is also useful for data storage, along with backup and recovery. Similarly, websites and blogs can be hosted by cloud computing, and it can be used for video and audio streaming. On demand software delivery can be facilitated by use of cloud computing. It is also used for predictive analysis of data, and further for identifying patterns.

Cloud computer training offers a number of advantages for students. It boosts their earning potential, because the demand for the skills is high, and more businesses are turning to cloud computing with each passing day. Employers are even willing to pay more to the right kind of an employee.

Knowledge of cloud computing also boosts an employees’ job security, because the technology is expanding rapidly in the market and is sure to have an elongated lifetime.

Cloud computing also makes a student job ready in minimum time as all aspects of the training are in close sync with the industry requirements. It opens up a plethora of fresh employment opportunities for candidates with all skill levels.

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With the high prospect for growth that the cloud computing technology withholds, the number of business who migrate their operations to the cloud will increase in the years to come. Even across India, the demand for cloud computing will increase across the years.

Career in Cloud Computing with Simply2Cloud

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We cater to the requirements of working professionals and students alike with the variety of cloud computing courses that we offer. Being trained in cloud computing augurs well for businesses, and help the devise solutions which ease complicated tasks in order to give them a competitive edge.