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In the last few decades in computer science, various programming languages are glorified and flourishing based on their business purposes. Like we all know, C language is used in scientific research work and it is a procedural language, then Java, C++ comes with its object-oriented flavors and years ago started with functional programming language less. But wait, it’s the time for Python, the next generation programming language, which has object-oriented flavors along with its functional programming capabilities.

Basically, Python is an open source programming language with versatile usage and capabilities. Using Python can help you in web application development; it can be used in cyber security and for numerous purposes. Nowadays, scholars are using Python in their statistical research work instead of MATLAB. Simplicity with versatile usage is the main driver for Python’s huge industry adoption. Nowadays, everyone is talking about Python, this and that; this is because it is the one solution for all the problems in the programming era. By using Python, you just have to think what to do, not how to do this. From what to, to how to makes a lot of difference in a programmer’s life.

Why you should learn Python?

Python is a great language to start with if you want to learn programming and looking to do a lot of things with it. The reasons why Python is so great are:

• It is extremely easy to learn. Compared to some other programming languages which are much more difficult. Learning Python is going to take you close to half the time and so with that other half of your time you will be ahead of the game building projects, creating things and learning even more about Python and programming in general.

• Python is incredibly easy to read. It looks a lot like English so as you are looking over your code you will be able to see and understand easily why your code is doing what it is doing.

• There’s so much things that you can do with it. With Python, the opportunities really are endless. It is an extremely diverse language, things that you can build with Python — web applications, YouTube is built with Python, Spotify is built with Python, and Instagram is built with Python. These are huge applications that millions and millions of people use every single day and they are all built based on Python. On top of that you can build things like gamebots, things like games, you can go ahead and do things like web scraping, you can do things like artificial intelligence with it and there are just so many different things and so many great opportunities on things you can build and create with Python.

• It is the leading programming language in terms of growth and usage as of today. Its popularity is increasing massively; there is a huge demand for Python developers and people who are proficient with Python out there today.

• Finally, the salary that you can potentially make when you learn and be proficient with Python. Reports say that Python can earn up to a $100,000 and is predicted to come with an annual salary for a Senior Python Developer with $118,000 or higher. Making around 6 figures in Python is right around average, it is not a long shot by any means.

So there you have it, the future for Python is really promising. It has a lot of tools for everything; from debugging, to testing, to custom plug-in design relative to niche languages where programmers have to invent that neat feature they want. There is a great community of Python fans out there; you get a massive code library from open source support, free learning resources and online discussion boards. Every IT professional should take the jump and start learning Python today and take advantage of it. The open source community has made it a default language itself already and that’s why it has a bright future ahead of it.